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About Us

We at Ankita Equipments strive for excellence. Starting small in 1984 with maintenance jobs, we have come a long way to manufacturing various chemical processing equipments with high quality gradient. With over 30 years of experience and a team of hardworking and highly skilled members we strive to achieve perfection with our products.

We specialize in Dryers, Pressure Vessels, Reaction Vessels, and Multi-stage Evaporator and have now ventured into sheet metal works with the addition of precision sheet metal machinery in 2014.

Ankita Equipments is committed to satisfy the customer through intime quality products and to achieve no rejection at customer’s end by upgrading manufacturing technology on a continual basis.

We have 15,000 sq. feet of covered working area which includes advanced machineries like EOT cranes with a capacity of 40 tons, we provide MIG and TIG welding facility, heavy plate rolling machine of a capacity to roll a plate 25 mm thick and 2.5 Mt. wide, a CNC hydraulic press brake of 110 ton capacity and NC shearing machine which can shear upto 5 mm thick SS plate and 8mm thick MS plate with high precision. We also have machining facilities with 9 feet and 20 feet bed length lathe machines, radial drilling machine, slotting machine and other hand tools.

With these facilities we achieve a high quality of fabrication as required by the clients.